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Rules for participants

1. The entance for the participants opens from 9:30 am through the main entrance to the "Cosmos" hotel, further along the corridor to the right.

2. You can come later, but please, count your time, to have time to get dressed and get ready for the beginning of your unit.

3. The entrance from a list upon presentation of a passport or other identity document. You need to call your competition, first and last name. Pay the entrance and get the bracelet.

4. Participant ticket prices on the action day:
Lolita-fashion, cosplay, karaoke finale - free.
Qualifying round of karaoke, j-pop dance, Fair presentation - 300 rubles.

5. If a party is allowed an assistant, he passes on the lists, but at the price of pre-sales (at first 500 rubles and 850 rubles for the second). Assistant can visit the dressing room.

6. Another day, the participant can visit Festival with customary spectator ticket.

7. You are to be prepared to go on stage before the start of your unit. 15 minutes before the fashion show you are to be behind the scenes. If your unit coordinators can not find you 15 minutes before your appearance, your application is removed from participation.

In case of other organizational matters, please, contact your coordinator.

Organizing Committee of J-FEST 2016
The Chairman: The Embassy of Japan in Russia
Production: The Japan Art Rainbow (JAR)
With the assistance of: Hakuhodo Rus.