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Entrance and tickets

1. The entrance opens at 11:30. There will be 2 entrances: the main entrance to the "Concert Hall" Cosmos ", and the additional entrance through the hotel corridor to the right in the direction of the Big Concert Hall “Cosmos”. You can enter the building through any of the two..

2. On the day of the festival it will be possible to buy tickets as well (at the main entrance to the Concert Hall "Cosmos" ticket-office). Cost of the ticket will be more expensive than pre-sale cost.

3. There are two of wardrobe, which you can use: in the Marble Hall and the Hall of Mirrors. Dressing takes the upper clothes and shoes in packages (handbags are not accepted). Please note that the number of spots in the wardrobes, unfortunately, is limited. Please, treat this with understanding or come earlier. March 6 wardrobe in the Marble Hall is open for Visitors with tickets to the show of Japanese drummers. Visitors with conventional tickets (only day-part) can use the wardrobe in the Hall of Mirrors.

4. It’s prohibited to change at the closet, so as not to cause inconvenience and queues for the visitors of the festival.

Fake tickets

Attention! Beware of fake tickets, if detection of fake tickets at the visitor, the ticket will be confiscated, the visitor will be removed from the festival.

Tickets for the Festival can be purchased only on the official website of the Festival, at the box office of the “Cosmos”, and special ticket services.
Information can be obtained at the info desk. Also the info desk can provide information on the Japanese language.

What is forbidden on the Festival:

1. You are not allowed to bring into the territory of the Concert Hall sharps, all weapons: fire, gas, air, cold. If you want to bring a souvenir weapon, please, check the list below: Allowed: papier-mache, PCB, wood, plastic, rubber, tires (and other elastomers and polymers) Firbidden: steel, duralumin, aluminum edged weapons (even without sharpening) and articles of other materials, which may cause a negative reaction from the Security Service Concert Hall "Cosmos".

2. You are not allowed to carry with alcohol and any drugs.

3. You are not allowed to carry with flammable liquids, fireworks and more.

4. You are not allowed to get in the Concert Hall with any meal.

5. Do not shoot during film screenings on the photo or video equipment, as well as mobile phones. In the case of non-compliance, the viewer will be removed from the hall.

6. Access to the festival is strictly forbidden to persons in a state of strong alcohol or drugs.

7. Any unauthorized trade at the territory of the festival is forbidden

Things Preservation

Organizers are not responsible for the preservation of any things left unattended.
Do not leave your things unattended.
Make sure that you have not left your personal thing leaving the hall.
If you find abandoned or lost things, please contact the information desk or the volunteers and coordinators of the hall (People with badges STAFF).
If you have lost any things, just contact the information desk.
If you find any suspicious things let the information desk or people with badges STAFF know without touching them.
In case of violation of the Rules of  the Festival visitors can be removed from the territory without compensation of the ticket price.

You will have to leave the territory of the Festival in case of your aggressive behavior towards other guests and (or) personnel, as well as in the case of extreme intoxication, or violation of the Festival Rules.

Organizing Committee of J-FEST 2016
The Chairman: The Embassy of Japan in Russia
Production: The Japan Art Rainbow (JAR)
With the assistance of: Hakuhodo Rus.